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Jeremy Ramirez

Hello there! I'm Jeremy Ramirez, your go-to guy for all things content marketing and social media at NewsScroller. Currently residing in the vibrant city of Omaha, NE, I’m living my dream of combining my passion for journalism with the dynamic world of digital media. I'm a proud graduate of the University of Nebraska, where I honed my skills and earned a degree in journalism. My college days were filled with endless learning, coffee-fueled study sessions, and the excitement of discovering the power of storytelling. Post-graduation, I found my calling at NewsScroller, where I currently lead a team of creative minds in shaping compelling content strategies. Every day is a new adventure here – crafting stories, analyzing trends, and engaging with our vibrant online community. When I'm not immersed in the digital world, you'll find me cherishing moments with my amazing wife and our two energetic boys. Our family is completed by Dagwood, our adorable Pug, who always brings smiles to our faces. Traveling is my escape and inspiration. I love exploring new cultures, tasting local cuisines, and capturing memories through my lens. As a speaker at social media events, I enjoy sharing insights and learning from fellow enthusiasts. Curious about content marketing strategies or the latest social media trends? Or maybe you want to exchange travel stories? Feel free to reach out. I'm always up for a chat and eager to connect with like-minded individuals. Let's navigate the exciting world of digital media together! Want to know more or say hi? Drop me a message anytime!

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