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Final Destination 6: Release Date and Updates

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When is Final Destination 6 coming out?

The highly anticipated sixth installment in the Final Destination franchise is set to hit theaters in late 2024 at the earliest. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the thrilling horror series, and we have all the details on the release date.

Background on the Final Destination franchise

The Final Destination film series, created by Jeffrey Reddick for New Line Cinema (now owned by Warner Bros. Discovery), first debuted in 2000 with the eponymous movie. It was followed by Final Destination 2 (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006), The Final Destination (2009), and Final Destination 5 (2011).

The buzz about Final Destination 6

The buzz surrounding Final Destination 6 began in early 2011 when Tony Todd, who portrays the mysterious William Bludworth in multiple entries, hinted at the possibility of two sequels being developed back-to-back. This was later confirmed by the fifth film's director, Steven Quale, who stated that the future of the franchise depended on the success of Final Destination 5.

Confirmation and development of Final Destination 6

In January 2019, it was officially announced that the sixth entry was in development. Series producer Craig Perry revealed in a 2020 interview that the upcoming film would focus on first responders.

Production details and setbacks

By the end of 2022, co-directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein had joined the project, and a script was penned by Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor. The film was scheduled to go into production in mid-July 2023 but was delayed due to the Hollywood strikes. Filming is now set to begin in January 2024 in Vancouver, Canada.

A potential reboot

In October 2023, the film's production designer, Rachel O'Toole, hinted that Final Destination 6 could be considered a reboot. She described the script as having a fresh take on the franchise and expressed excitement about the project.

Release plans and casting

While it was initially announced that Final Destination 6 would premiere on HBO Max, there is a possibility that the film might also see a theatrical release. As of late November 2023, the only confirmed cast member is Tony Todd.

Stay tuned for updates

We will continue to provide updates on the release date and any changes to the distribution mode of Final Destination 6. Keep an eye out for the official announcement from the production companies.