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Drake Drops Scary Hours III Instrumentals: Baiting Failed Rappers?

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Drake's Surprise Move

After years of clowning struggling rappers, Drake has made a surprising move. The Canadian rapper has released the instrumentals from his latest project, Scary Hours III. This unexpected move has left fans wondering if Drake is baiting someone to step up to the ring.

For All The Dogs

Drake's latest project, For All The Dogs, was released amidst health issues involving his gut. Despite initially planning to take a hiatus, the project received a lot of attention and sparked a petty exchange with rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden. Now, Drake is back with an expansion pack for the album titled Scary Hours III.

A Return to Form

With Scary Hours III, Drake gives fans what they've been craving. The six tracks feature bar-heavy punchlines and gritty raps, showcasing the rapper's true talent. He also takes aim at his opposition with subtle jabs, adding a touch of drama to the project. However, the expansion seems to have come and gone quickly, which may be Drake's intention.

Baiting Failed Rappers

In a surprising move, Drake has released the instrumentals from Scary Hours III. This gives failed rappers the opportunity to try their best impersonations. It's an unusual move for Drake, suggesting that he may be baiting someone to step up to the ring and prove themselves.

If you're feeling brave, you can grab the instrumentals below and see if you have what it takes to match Drake's talent.

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