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Toronto-based Executive and Entrepreneur Bardya Ziaian Shares Insights on Fintech and Small Business Survival

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Toronto-based entrepreneur Bardya Ziaian has a wealth of expertise in fintech and brokerage services

Bardya Ziaian, a Toronto-based executive and entrepreneur, is well-versed in the fields of fintech, brokerage services, and financial systems. With his extensive experience, Bardya has founded several successful companies, including Robo Advisor, Virtual Brokers, and SITTU Group. His current role as CEO and President of SITTU Group Inc. allows him to lead a talented team and create opportunities in the ever-changing macro environment.

Introducing SITTU Group Inc.: Forward Thinking and Maximizing Goals

In an interview, Bardya Ziaian provides insights into SITTU Group Inc. He explains that the name "Sittu" is derived from the Chinese words "思(Si)途(Tu)," which mean "thinking while moving forward." This philosophy drives the company's approach to consulting and investing. SITTU Group focuses on designing tailored systems for companies to maximize their goals and investing in early-stage businesses.

Fintech: A Lifeline for Small Businesses

According to Bardya Ziaian, fintech can be a game-changer for small businesses struggling to survive. Research from Harvard University’s reveals that approximately 33.6% of all small businesses in the U.S. have closed since January 2020. By automating processes such as invoicing and accounting, businesses can significantly improve their efficiency and increase their chances of staying afloat. Bardya highlights the success of SITTU Group in helping companies implement automation in their accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other accounting processes.

Concerns and Opportunities in the Fintech Market

While the fintech market has experienced a drop-off in funding deals in 2023, Bardya Ziaian remains optimistic. He acknowledges the decline but attributes it to market corrections in areas such as crypto. However, he highlights the growth of fintech funding in the Americas, which climbed from $28.9 billion in H2’22 to $36 billion in H1’23. Bardya believes that the fintech industry still holds infinite possibilities for growth and emphasizes the importance of agility in identifying and capitalizing on these opportunities.

The Changing Landscape of Financial Services

Fintech is revolutionizing the financial services industry by giving self-directed investors access to tools that were once exclusive to professionals. Bardya Ziaian explains that while these tools empower individuals to manage their portfolios, the need for financial advisors remains. Investing is a profession that requires expertise, and the role of financial advisors is essential in guiding investors through the complexities of the market.

The Impact of AI on Fintech

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform the fintech industry. Bardya Ziaian highlights the rapid development of AI in user experience and investment tools. As AI continues to evolve and integrate into fintech platforms, it will automate tasks, reduce costs, and improve fraud detection. SITTU Group is committed to anticipating these changes and helping businesses maximize their growth potential.

Emerging Trends in Fintech

Bardya Ziaian identifies several emerging trends in fintech. He anticipates the rise of hyper-personalized tools in areas such as personalized banking and Machine Learning integration for stock market predictions. The use of chatbots for communication with banks and investment firms is also expected to increase. Additionally, the adoption of generative AI in cybersecurity and wealthtech is likely to grow.

Growth Opportunities for Self-Directed Investors

Self-directed investors (SDIs) are increasingly attracted to alternative asset investment options for their retirement accounts. Bardya Ziaian notes that with the gig economy and fewer employer-driven IRAs, individuals are taking charge of their own retirement funds. Fintech tools provide SDIs with specialized access to private investment areas such as private equity, real estate, and crypto. This allows them to diversify their portfolios and find more stable and secure investment opportunities.

Bardya Ziaian's Dream Innovation for Fintech

As an entrepreneur and innovator, Bardya Ziaian shares his dream of streamlining business investments through a new fintech application. He believes in making the investment process more efficient and profitable for businesses.

Business Advice from Bardya Ziaian: Never Stop Learning

Bardya Ziaian emphasizes the importance of continuous learning in any field. He recommends reading books by experts like Ray Dalio and Benjamin Graham to expand knowledge and find new ways to achieve goals. Remaining vigilant and never being complacent are key principles for success in one's career and personal aspirations.

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