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Is Anya Taylor-Joy Joining the Fantastic Four as the Main Villain?

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Rumors Surround Potential Role for Anya Taylor-Joy in Fantastic Four

The internet is buzzing with excitement as rumors circulate that Anya Taylor-Joy could be joining the cast of the highly anticipated MCU film, Fantastic Four. While it is still uncertain what role she may play, insiders suggest that she could be taking on the role of a major villain.

Could Anya Taylor-Joy Be the Silver Surfer?

One popular theory among Marvel fans is that Anya Taylor-Joy may be portraying the iconic character, Silver Surfer. Speculation arose after rumors of a female version of Silver Surfer being in play. However, it is important to note that her character has not been confirmed yet.

The Possibility of a Female Silver Surfer

Insider Jeff Sneider recently added fuel to the fire by stating that fans can expect to see a female Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four film. This statement has only further fueled speculation that Anya Taylor-Joy could be taking on this exciting role.

Other Villains in the Mix

While the focus has been on Anya Taylor-Joy's potential role as Silver Surfer, it is worth noting that Galactus and Doctor Doom are also rumored to appear in the film. With Galactus's herald likely to join the cast, the question of whether it will be a male or female character remains unanswered.

An Exciting Choice for the Fantastic Four

Anya Taylor-Joy has proven herself to be a talented actress in various roles, making her an excellent choice for any character in the Fantastic Four universe. Whether she ultimately takes on the role of Silver Surfer or another intriguing villain like Juno, her addition to the cast is sure to bring excitement and anticipation for Marvel fans.

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