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Thanksgiving 2023: Mariah Carey’s Annual Unwrapping Dominates Social Media

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Good Vibes, Low Vibrational Plates, and Hilarious Shenanigans

Thanksgiving 2023 was a day filled with good vibes, low vibrational plates, and hilarious shenanigans, all of which took over social media as we eagerly awaited Mariah Carey's annual unwrapping. Last year, we witnessed the resurgence of struggle plates on social media, saw bad bish turkeys getting BBLs, and marveled at the astounding culinary creations from some of our favorite celebrities.

Celeb Collabs and Culinary Delights

One standout collaboration came from the prolific pie purveyor Patti LaBelle, who joined forces with Cardi B for a delightful holiday campaign. Cardi couldn't contain her excitement, sharing on social media, "Drinking @whip_shots with a slice of Patti pies was EVERYTHING.. I can't wait for Thanksgiving ❤️ Being with Ms. Patti and her family was such an honor."

Patti LaBelle's grace and warmth left a lasting impression on Cardi B, who couldn't help but gush about their time together. She even joked, "So charming and so sweet but at the same time, you can tell she can get real Philly on ya ass if she needs to!"

A Match Made in Dessert Heaven

Cardi B and Patti LaBelle teamed up to create the ultimate dessert experience. Patti's world-famous sweet potato pie was taken to new heights as Cardi topped it off with pumpkin-flavored Whipshots. Cardi described the combination as "a hug in your mouth," praising Patti for her delicious creation.

The duo also embarked on a culinary adventure, mixing and matching Whipshots flavors with Patti's Good Life desserts to discover the most delicious pairings. This sitcom-style collaboration spanned seven episodes, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look at their tastebud-testing journey.

Share Your Thanksgiving Experience

Did your Thanksgiving live up to the hype this year? How many low vibrational plates did you encounter? We want to hear all about it! Share your stories and experiences in the comments below.

Funniest Tweets from Turkey Day

While we wait for more details from Mariah Carey's unwrapping, let's enjoy some of the funniest tweets from this year's turkey day festivities. Stay tuned!

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