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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Creators Talk About New Season and Reuniting with Voice Cast

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A Magical Season 12

The creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, are back with a new season of the Adult Swim series. The duo recently spoke about the upcoming season, including reuniting with the voice cast and parodying A Quiet Place.

Back in the Groove

After a seven-year gap between Season 11 and Plantasm, the creators had to get back into the rhythm of the show. They admitted that they had forgotten everything about it and had to reacquaint themselves with the characters and the process of making the show.

The Simpsons Collaboration

The creators revealed that during the seven-year hiatus, they were called by The Simpsons to help improve the show. They spent seven years working with The Simpsons, which explains the rise in quality of Aqua Teen Hunger Force in recent years.

Changes in the Process

The creators mentioned that the process of writing and making the show has changed with the new season. They now work from their home offices and have had to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Despite the changes, they were able to make a movie entirely through Zoom.

Reuniting with the Voice Cast

Matt and Dave spoke about getting back together with Carey Means and Dana Snyder for the movie and the new season. They mentioned that it felt like they didn't even take a break and that the voice cast got right back into the groove of the show.

Return to the Original Theme

The creators explained that they wanted a new theme song for the new season but lacked the budget for it. They ended up using the original theme song and had fun with it, creating a mishmash of the master recordings from the first run of the season.

A Different Art Style

The creators revealed that they intentionally wanted a different art style for one of the episodes in the new season. They praised the talent of the studios they worked with, particularly Floyd County Productions, and had fun watching the art come together.

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A Riff on A Quiet Place

The second episode of the new season is a parody of the movie A Quiet Place. The creators claimed that they had the idea first and that the makers of A Quiet Place stole it from them. They joked about the typical Hollywood nonsense.

Guest Starring Brian Cox

The creators discussed the process of getting Brian Cox to guest star on the show. They saw an ad featuring Cox and decided to reach out to him. Cox was enthusiastic about the opportunity and recorded with them.

Ready for More

Matt and Dave expressed their willingness to continue making Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They mentioned that they are always available to make more seasons and movies if the opportunity arises, as the company needs the show to generate income.

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