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Former Executive Assistant Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Sexual Misconduct in Lawsuit

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Accusations and Lawsuit

Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, is facing another accusation of sexual misconduct. His former executive assistant, Brittany Commisso, has filed a lawsuit against him, alleging that he subjected her to humiliating and demeaning tasks, as well as unwanted physical contact.

Details of Allegations

Commisso claims that Cuomo engaged in activities such as hugs, kisses, sexual touching of the buttocks, and forcible touching of the breast. She specifically mentioned an incident at the Executive Mansion in Albany where he allegedly groped her.

Response from Cuomo's Attorney

Rita Glavin, an attorney for Cuomo, has vehemently denied the allegations, stating that Commisso's claims are provably false. Glavin also mentioned that the case was previously dismissed by the Albany District Attorney after a thorough investigation.

Commisso's Determination

Despite the denial from Cuomo's attorney, Commisso is standing firm in her claims and stated, "I know the truth. He knows the truth. I know what happened and so does he."

A Pattern of Inappropriate Behavior

This is not the first time Cuomo has faced accusations of sexual harassment. In 2021, he resigned from office after nearly a dozen women came forward with similar allegations.

It remains to be seen how this lawsuit will unfold, but it is clear that Cuomo's reputation has taken a significant hit as more individuals step forward with allegations of misconduct.

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