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The Ultimate Pancake Showdown: Which Mix Reigns Supreme?

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Pancakes, hotcakes, flapjacks–whatever you call this fusion of flour, baking powder, and liquid, there's no denying it's an unmatched breakfast food. Nothing is better than waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of the griddle cooking up magic. And, who doesn't love starting the day with a bit of a sugar rush from all that added syrup?

Which Pancake Mix is the Best?

Pancake mix is also a staple item which is always smart to keep on hand for a rainy day. In fact, if you searched your pantry right now, you will likely find a bag of the powdery ready-to-make blend proudly sitting on the shelf. But, which brand is your family's favorite to keep stocked?

Not All Pancake Mixes Are Created Equal

There is certainly a plethora of options to choose from. And, if you're like me, in a fit of decision fatigue, you likely just grab the box you're most familiar with at the grocery store and carry on with your day. But, it's important to note not all mixes are created equal. A few yield thick and dense pancakes while others will fluff up to something more light and airy. Some will be moist, while others are more dry and crisp. And, only a select few will deliver those all-important sweet and buttery notes.

The Pancake Taste Test

In order to sort out which mixtures crank out the most quintessential flapjacks, I rustled up six of the country's most popular pancake brands to test. I closely followed the instructions on each box, mixing in extra ingredients when necessary, and then got to flipping. Read on to see how each pancake fared, in order of my least to most favorite. You may just discover your family's new breakfast go-to.

Trader Joe's: A Unique Variety

In true, quirky Trader Joe's fashion, the store offers an eclectic range of pancake mixes. But, for those looking to enjoy a less out-there breakfast, Trader Joe's Buttermilk Pancake & Baking Mix is also a permanent fixture on the shelf. The flour-based blend cost me $1.99 and also an egg, which I stirred in along with water during the baking process.

Bisquick: A Versatile Kitchen Staple

Bisquick has been around since the 1930s and is probably one of the most versatile items to have in your kitchen. Just its Original Pancake & Baking Mix alone, which I purchased for $4.89, has the potential to be morphed into biscuits, muffins, waffles, a crust for pot pie, or even a base for cobbler. But, what we really want to know is how it performs when it comes down to a basic, old-school pancake.

Birch Benders: The New Kid on the Block

Birch Benders is a newer name in pancakes, founded in 2011. But, the brand came in hot and ready to serve up the tastiest organic pancakes on the market. Now the company's mixes have a spot at many major grocery stores, adjacent to some of the largest names in the world of American breakfast.

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Hungry Jack: A Trustworthy Choice

Hungry Jack is certainly a trustworthy name in the breakfast aisle, and has been combatting morning-time hunger for over 70 years. The brand has remained hyper-focused during that time, staying true to what it knows best: just pancake mixes and syrup. And, its core recipes have remained largely the same.

Aunt Jemima: A Classic Rebranded

Aunt Jemima is now known as Pearl Milling Company—a fact which I momentarily forgot as I stared blankly at the grocery store shelves searching for it. But, it is, in fact, the same company with the same recipes, just with different branding. This change was made back in 2020, after Aunt Jemima, among other brands, was criticized for depicting racial stereotypes.

Krusteaz: Keeping it Easy

The name Krusteaz is a combination of the words pie "crust" and "ease," as in, easy to make. This came straight from the mind of the company's founder Rose Charters back in 1932. To me, however, it has always sounded like the word "crusty," which isn't at all what you want when it comes to pancakes, or really any baked goods.

The Winner: Krusteaz

Paired with a slather of real butter and a small dose of syrup, these blew away the competition—an impressive accomplishment considering this is a simple just-add-water mix and also the second cheapest option I tasted.

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