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Meghan Markle: Hollywood Wannabe or 24 Carat Celebrity?

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Meghan Markle, the former actress-turned-Duchess of Sussex, has faced her fair share of criticism since joining the royal family. But according to Richard Eden, she's now being labeled as nothing more than a Hollywood wannabe. In his recent newsletter, Eden suggests that Meghan has turned her back on a life of genuine celebrity by moving away from Britain. Let's take a closer look at this claim and see if there's any truth to it.

The Hollywood Wannabe

Eden argues that Meghan's recent appearances and actions make her look more like a Hollywood wannabe than a member of the Royal Family. He points to her red carpet appearance at the Power Of Women event in Los Angeles, contrasting it with Kate Middleton's regal presence at a state banquet. According to Eden, Meghan couldn't have looked less regal and appeared just like any other celebrity waiting to be interviewed. He also highlights that Meghan's success now depends on the paymasters at Netflix, indicating that she no longer has control over her own career.

A Life of Genuine Celebrity

Eden suggests that Meghan's decision to leave the UK and pursue a life outside the royal family means she has turned her back on a life of genuine celebrity. He argues that during her time as a working royal, she had the opportunity to meet and mingle with A-list stars and be the center of attention. According to Eden, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave up a lot when they quit royal duties to "find freedom" and a fortune.

Just Salty

While Eden may have his opinions, it's important to fact-check his claims. In reality, Meghan and Harry were in Canada during the time of Kate's state visit with the South Korean president. Meghan attended the Variety event well before Kate's appearance. The comparison between Meghan and Kate's appearances is not a fair one, as Meghan has faced numerous challenges and obstacles within the royal family that Kate has not.

The Windsors' Celebrity Desires

Contrary to Eden's claims, the Windsors have shown a desire to be celebrities themselves. They have attempted to attach themselves to Meghan's fame and have even made appearances on shows like American Idol. The fact that Meghan and Harry are already global celebrities in their own right, with connections to powerful people like Oprah and Tyler Perry, is a threat to the Windsors' desire for fame and legitimacy.

The Racist Treatment

Eden's vision of how things would have been if Meghan had stayed in the UK ignores the racist treatment she faced within the royal family. She was often not invited to state dinners and was pushed to the background at the few events she did attend. Eden's claim that Meghan would have been at the opulent state banquet at Buckingham Palace is simply false. The Windsors' treatment of Meghan was driven by racism and fear, not a desire to include her.


While Richard Eden may label Meghan Markle as a Hollywood wannabe, his claims fail to hold up under scrutiny. Meghan has faced numerous challenges and obstacles within the royal family, and her decision to leave and build a new life for herself should be celebrated. The Windsors' desire for fame and their treatment of Meghan highlight their insecurities, rather than Meghan's alleged desire for celebrity. Ultimately, Meghan has shown that she is more than just a Hollywood wannabe – she is a strong and resilient woman who has overcome adversity and thrived.

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