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President Biden’s Poll Numbers Continue to Decline

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Biden's Standing in Head-to-Head Matchups with Trump Falls

President Joe Biden's position in head-to-head matchups with former President Donald Trump is slipping, according to recent polls. Among 13 separate surveys conducted this month, Biden's position is worse than previous polls in all but two of them. While some voters are abandoning Biden, Trump is gaining steam, with his vote share in the national polling average higher than at any point in the past year.

State-Level Data Shows Trump Ahead

In addition to the New York Times/Siena polls showing Trump ahead in swing states, recent surveys have shown Trump leading in Arizona and Michigan. These state-level numbers are a cause for concern for Biden, as they indicate a shift in support towards Trump.

Biden Losing Ground with Young Voters

Biden's recent slide in the polls can be attributed to a confluence of factors, including a decline in support among reliable Democratic constituencies like young voters. A recent NBC News poll showed Trump leading Biden among voters younger than 35, a surprising result that suggests Biden's appeal to younger voters is waning. Other polls also show a close race among this demographic, with Biden only holding single-digit leads.

Approval Rating and Favorability Numbers Declining

Another concerning trend for Biden is his declining approval rating. His numbers have been steadily ticking down, reaching a historically low point for a president at this stage in his first term. In contrast, Trump's numbers are rising, with his average favorable rating steadily increasing over the past two months. This indicates a shift in public opinion towards Trump and away from Biden.

Swing State Ads Don't Help

Despite a three-month-long advertising campaign to boost Biden's numbers, the polls in swing states continue to show Trump leading. Biden and the Democratic National Committee have spent millions on TV ads in swing states, but the investment has not yielded the desired results.

Potential Impact of Third-Party Candidates

While it's too early to determine the exact impact of independent and third-party candidates on the electoral math for Biden and Trump, it's clear that Biden's deficit is not solely due to these candidates. However, the presence of these candidates could make it harder for Biden to recover, especially if they appeal to key voter groups like young voters.

Overall, Biden's declining poll numbers indicate a challenging road ahead for the president as he faces a potential re-election bid in the future. The combination of a loss of support from key constituencies and a rise in support for Trump suggests that Biden's popularity may be waning.

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