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Real Housewife of Potomac Gets “Yelled at” by Bestie’s Husband

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Gizelle Bryant Recaps the Convo in Exclusive Clip

Get ready for the drama on this Sunday's episode of #RHOP! Gizelle Bryant sits down with her best friend Robyn Dixon to discuss the recent confrontation she had with Robyn's husband, Juan Dixon.

Yelling or Just Bad Hearing?

Gizelle reveals that Juan "came for her" after she made comments about rumors of his infidelity. But according to Robyn, Juan wasn't necessarily yelling – he just has bad hearing post-COVID, so he talks in a loud tone. Is it a case of miscommunication or something more?

Denying the Allegations

In a confessional, Gizelle shares that Juan assured her he did not sleep with the woman from Canada whom he previously admitted to having inappropriate communication with. "I did not have sex with her!" Gizelle recalls Juan saying. However, Robyn clarifies that his words were a bit more explicit. "I did not stick my thing in her!" she reveals her hubby said.

A Pickleball Showdown

This conversation comes after Robyn was subjected to an intervention from Gizelle, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, and Ashley Darby. They were concerned after Juan was spotted at a laundromat and nail salon with a female friend. Tensions rise as the couples come together for a fun day of pickleball, but things quickly get heated on and off the court.

What to Expect on Sunday's Episode

Don't miss this week's episode titled "In a Pickle." Karen invites all the couples to a day of pickleball, but drama unfolds when Candiace comes face-to-face with Robyn and Gizelle. Everyone is surprised when a certain husband makes an appearance, and Nneka confronts Wendy with shocking allegations. Tune in to The Real Housewives of Potomac on Sunday, November 26 at 8 PM ET/PT!

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