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TMZ’s Top 10 Jive Turkeys of 2023: Scandals, Cheating, and Abuse, Oh My!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Unfortunately for some, their highly publicized exploits and embarrassments might make it difficult to celebrate this year’s annual American feast. There isn’t a calendar year that goes by where a celebrity or politician isn’t involved in some sort of scandal but 2023 has been particularly rife with foolishness and blog fodder. In the last week alone we’ve had lawsuits, sexual abuse allegations, domestic violence, and one of the fastest settled lawsuits we’ve ever seen. We’ve also watched famous folks become completely unhinged with some very ugly behavior over the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Some celebs opted for side pieces over side dishes and cheating is a great way to get called out over a holiday dinner with the family. Y’all seen Soul Food. Anyway, flip the page to see some of the biggest jive turkeys of the year 2023.


Let’s address the elephant in the room out the gate. Diddy was outed by his ex-girlfriend Cassie for alleged crimes and abuses that made our skin crawl. Sean Combs has been the subject of ugly rumors for years but the accusations levied against him this time seemed like much more than innuendo. Cassie knows this man and her civil suit against him rings true to ears of those who have long suspected that Mr. "Take That" aka "Love" was a wolf in Sean John clothing.

George Santos

His might not be a name that you know super well but his legacy of scandal will be the talk of Capitol Hill for years to come. Santos is on the precipice of being expelled from Congress after it was reveled that he spent thousands of dollars in campaign donations on expensive hotels, Airbnbs, Ubers, botox, Sephora makeup, and luxury designer purses. Just do ya Googles. The story is insane.

Jonah Hill

This might be one that flew under the radar for some folks but when you become the #1 trend on Twitter (we’re never calling it "X", Elon can pound sand) your actions are far from under the rug. Much like Diddy, Jonah’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady accused the actor of being a manipulative misogynist and emotional abuser. Brady posted screenshots of texts from a thin-skinned Hill demanding that she remove photos of herself in bathing suits and "thongs" in addition to a long list of f-boy control tactics.


Sometimes, the people who are trying the hardest to appear righteous and upstanding are severely overcompensating for their trash behavior. Lizzo’s music is like audio Disney World where things are nice, respectful, inclusionary, and uplifting. Let her former dancers tell it, Ms. "Good As Hell" is really hell on heels. Multiple former employees cited instances of workplace harassment, sexual shaming, and of all things, fat shaming. People are no longer here for celebrity’s crass behavior and…it’s about damn time.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

If trash cans were Transformers, T.J. and Amy would be Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Holmes and Robach were both canned from their Good Morning America hosting gigs after photos of them being romantic went viral. ABC made clear that dating an equally-yoked co-worker isn’t against company policy, the fact that T.J. was cheating on his oblivious wife created a huge distraction at the studio. Moreover, T.J. was already being internally investigated for relationships with other staffers and colleagues.

Amy Schumer

Amy’s are having a very bad year. Schumer isn’t exactly the greatest joke teller of this generation, in fact, some argue that she steals more jokes than she tells. However, her behavior toward actress Asia Jackson is no laughing matter. Schumer was put on blast by Jackson after she jumped into her DMs to chide the young Black content creator for her views on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The comedian could have just minded her white business but chose to troll and harass instead.

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Darius Jackson

One of the biggest cornball moves of the year was Darius Jackson’s blasting of his then-partner and baby mama Keke Palmer. Jackson was in his feelings over Usher’s serenading of Palmer during a Las Vegas show and took to Twitter to essentially slut shame Keke for enjoying her night out. After all, she’s a mother and mothers don’t deserve joy…

Pardison Fontaine

Megan Thee Stallion and the New York rapper appeared to be in sweet Black love until people noticed that his photos had been scrubbed from Meg’s Instagram page. It became clear that there was a breakup but confirmation came in the form of bars in Meg’s single "Cobra" where she blasted her ex for allegedly cheating on her in her own bed. In response, "Pardi" released a retaliatory single of his own called "Thee Person" where he accuses Megan of getting lipo surgery, lying on him, and misleading the public. Pardi done. You ain’t gotta go home but you got to get the hell out of here.

Jada Pinkett

Nothing, and we mean nothing, is likely to topple the scandal and shenanigans that surrounded the rollout and subsequent release of Jada’s book Worthy. Not only did Jada reveal that she and Will have been "separated" since 2016, she also revealed that Chris Rock, the slapped, tried to date her when he thought a divorce from Will was imminent. Jada’s candid interview will keep the flame of gender wars lit for years to come. Who needs Hollywood writers when you have this type of captivating reality content?

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