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Adrien Brody Talks Fatherhood and Intense Character in ‘Manodrome’

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The Theme of Fatherhood

Adrien Brody, star of the Lionsgate thriller 'Manodrome,' spoke with ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese about the central theme of fatherhood in the film. Brody's character, Dad Dan, serves as a male role model for Jesse Eisenberg's character, Ralphie, who never had a father in his life. Brody discusses how the film explores real father-son relationships, both good and bad, and the power dynamic that comes with being a father.

The Impact of Childhood Trauma

Brody emphasizes the importance of the theme of fatherhood in 'Manodrome,' particularly in relation to the character's childhood trauma. He explains how growing up without a real father figure can lead to insecurity, self-doubt, and longing. Dad Dan, portrayed by Brody, is a well-meaning character who guides others to find strength and clarity in the face of internal and societal pressures.

Dad Dan's Charisma and Mystery

Brody discusses the research and discussions he had with director John Trengove to develop the character of Dad Dan. They initially considered portraying him as more militant and hardened, but ultimately decided on a backstory that involved a relatable rise and fall, time in prison, and a transformation into a guru-like figure. Brody highlights the importance of understanding the beliefs and motivations of such a character, even if they may be unhealthy and extreme.

About Adrien Brody

Tyler Treese, Editor-in-Chief of ComingSoon and SuperHeroHype, describes Adrien Brody as an experienced entertainment journalist. In addition to his work in film, Brody enjoys mixed martial arts and spending time with his Shiba Inu, Kota.

Read the full interview with Adrien Brody here.

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