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Tia Mowry and Ex-Husband Cory Hardrict Spark Reconciliation Rumors with Thanksgiving Photos

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Cozy Thanksgiving

Tia Mowry and her ex-husband Cory Hardrict celebrated Thanksgiving together with their two kids, Cairo and Cree. The Game alum took to Instagram to share adorable photos of their family during the holidays.

Are They Reconnecting?

Fans were quick to notice Tia leaning her arm on Cory's leg and grinning from ear to ear in the photos. While there's no official confirmation, fans are speculating whether the exes are merely co-parenting or reconnecting romantically.

Addressing the Rumors

This isn't the first time Tia has addressed rumors of a reconciliation. In October 2023, the actress stated that the dating world is "exhausting," but clarified that it doesn't mean she's getting back together with Cory.

Putting the Kids First

Regardless of their relationship status, Tia and Cory are focused on co-parenting and being present for their children. Fans are thrilled to see the two getting along and prioritizing their family.

Fans React

Many fans expressed their support for Tia and Cory's co-parenting journey. They emphasized the importance of putting the kids first and applauded the exes for their dynamic approach.

A History of Co-Parenting

Tia and Cory have been successfully co-parenting for some time now. Last year, Tia revealed that they planned to spend Christmas together as a family, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their bond for the sake of their children.

The Divorce and Moving Forward

Tia filed for divorce from Cory in October 2022 after 14 years of marriage. In an Instagram post, she explained that the decision was made with sadness but that they would maintain a friendship while co-parenting their kids. Tia later opened up about how the decision was ultimately in the best interest of her children and wanted to set an example of living in truth for them.

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A Message for the Future

Tia wants her children to see that she is living authentically and chasing her truth. She hopes this will inspire them to do the same in their own lives.

Wishing Them Well

We wish Tia, Cory, and their beautiful children all the best in their co-parenting journey and a happy holiday season.

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