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Director Mary Lambert Talks About Netflix’s Best. Christmas. Ever!

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Setting up the Families: A Conversation with Mary Lambert

Director Mary Lambert discusses the different manners in which the two families are introduced in the holiday comedy movie, Best. Christmas. Ever! She talks about the unique approaches used to showcase each family's dynamics and insecurities.

Exploring Christmas Insecurities

Lambert delves into the theme of insecurities during the holiday season and how it affects the characters in the film. She discusses the relatability of the main character, Charlotte, and the importance of portraying her flaws and ambitions.

The Chemistry Between Leading Ladies

Lambert praises the chemistry between actresses Heather Graham and Brandy in the film. She explains how the two actresses brought their characters to life and created a dynamic on-screen relationship.

The Creation of Monkey Bob

Lambert reveals the process of designing Monkey Bob, the "creepy" monkey character in the film. She discusses the puppeteering and prop design involved in bringing the character to life.

Brandy's Singing Talents

Lambert expresses her excitement about Brandy's singing talents being showcased in the film. She discusses the difference between singing and acting and praises Brandy's ability to excel in both.

Working with Young Star Madison Skye Validum

Lambert praises young actress Madison Skye Validum, who plays a genius in the film. She talks about Validum's talent and dedication to her role, predicting that she has a bright future in acting.

Reflecting on Pet Semetary

Lambert briefly discusses the legacy of the 1989 film Pet Semetary, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with author Stephen King and create a memorable horror movie.

Best. Christmas. Ever! is now available to stream on Netflix.